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What Parents Should Know About Boarding Schools

A boarding school is a private establishment in which children receive formal education while still living within private premises. The term "board" is used here in the context of "lodging and meals", i.e. meals served on-site and boarding/lodging expenses, which are often provided by parents or guardians. As they've existed for several centuries, and today continue to spread across many different countries, their original function and ethos also vary widely. Some may be religious, others may have more liberal educational aims, or may seek to immerse children in a new culture and environment. Enroll now in a boarding school and get to experience more than formal education. 

Most of the time, boarding schools (and academies) tend to be co-ed. This means that both boys and girls can join, although at some institutions, specifically girls only, are accepted. As long as the child's parents agree, boarding schools allow individuals of any age to attend, regardless of sex. Academically, this can be quite an advantage, allowing a child to build up their knowledge and abilities with other pupils, whilst receiving specialist coaching from the very best educators in their field. This helps them in their application for university and gives them a much better chance of achieving their potential.

In terms of enrolment, best international school usually take about 1000 students, although many schools have lower numbers, which depend upon the needs of the individual college. Some schools can cope with large numbers, but others have smaller premises and cannot cope with numbers over a certain size. These schools are therefore very selective in terms of the students they accept and tend to get students from higher-ranking schools, from family backgrounds that have achieved good grades, and from families with similar educational achievement levels. This is why those from disadvantaged families find it hard to gain admittance into mainstream boarding schools, such as advantaged pupil schools. This is why boarding schools are also considered to be a place where parents can send their troubled and defiant children who have had difficult experiences in their home, at boarding schools, where they can receive extra help.

Apart from the advantages of a learning community, there are also the costs. One of the biggest costs for boarding schools is the cost of boarding and lodging accommodation, especially for students who live on campus. Most students live in local hostels or shared flats where they learn with other boarders. The cost of housing and boarding is often deducted from the school fees, meaning that while the total fee may look expensive, in many cases it is far less than it would cost for a family to send a child to the high school.

In terms of academic standards, most of the time they are just as good as those found in state and private schools, although there is always the occasional stumble. One factor which gives public schools an edge over private ones is discipline. In public schools, students with behavioural problems which would not attract a student from a Christian, Jewish or Muslim background are more likely to be suspended or expelled than their classmates who have similar issues. At public schools, all students who are accepted and given an opportunity for academic success are treated in the same manner regardless of their background, and this can be a great morale boost for those who want a challenge and a change.

On a final note, both public and private boarding schools offer professional development opportunities for those who wish to pursue a higher education. Many colleges accept students who have completed their boarding school applications and, in some cases, they do not even require a high school diploma. These colleges may also help to financially cushion the student during his or her college prep years. To this end, many students find that they can finish their courses at home and still be able to live on their own. There is also the fact that many students find that a boarding school offers a certain sense of community which is missing when attending standard public schools. You can learn more about this topic here: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boarding_school.

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